Fluid body workshops propose in-depth informations on the movements we practice with a particular focus on their health benefits. During a workshop you will experience a full specialised sessions with talk and detailed practice informations on the stretching that we do. While freeing your body of tensions, you will feel more confident to perform them by yourself at home.



This a workshop we organise regularly, this is one of our flyer on your right inside.

We can accommodate any workshops for your group of people. Depending on the needs of your company, we can customise, stress release workshop, back pain release workshop, restorative workshop.

For booking, organisation and fee please contact me at the contact details below.



T: +44 (0) 7979 52 42 52 
E: info@fluidbody.tv


Exemple:  ‪#‎IMAGINE‬...A 2H30 retreat with yoga sequences to challenge and detox, self massage and restoring stretches, meditation and lying visualization with breathing exercises. It is a whole program designed to stimulates your senses and awaken the spirit of your body, so you may find some quietness and probable ‘answers’ you need within.

Of course it is with sounds production and live instruments to creates positives vibes. We provide energising water and tasting healthy treat as well as a small print-out containing stretches images and wellness tips.It is an opportunity to take a pause to re-align and envision your higher-self. Focusing on your breath, ignite and deeply renew each cell of your body with cleansing flowing yoga sequences and nurturing visualisation.


Stress and resistances melt and dissolve with your heart intelligence, which restore the life force energy, relax and strengthen the body, mind and spirit.The movement of life unfold freely to the beats and sound waves in sync with your fluid body.Experience an unforgettable innovational wellness workshop to shine and vibrate the energy you want to radiate.Feel truly alive from inside-out !! Tranquil & in peace.


Shamanic Journeying London


Another subject which can help the people in your offices to feel better with themselvrs and be more efficient at work.

Contact me directly for your next workshop planning.



T: +44 (0) 7979 52 42 52 
E: info@fluidbody.tv



Your body is designed to detox on its own on a everyday basis, but sometimes we may need to give it a boost, particularly during seasonal change, after heavy partying or while leading a stressful life. Based on the wisdom of Chinese healing exercises and yoga tradition, detox physically, emotionally and mentally. With an energetic cleansing of the solar plexus, liberate deep-seated emotions and memories, often causing digestive troubles, chest and mid-back pain.

By massaging, stretching, breathing, twisting, squeezing and expanding we will be able to detox the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. The body has 3 main systems of waste elimination: the circulatory, digestive and lymph. The liver is the major organ responsible for detoxing the blood. The lymph glands, or system helps us to fight the non-self intruders and emotional fatigue, while the digestive system deals with the processing of food and thoughts. By concentrating our work on these systems and major organs we will cleanse the body of stagnant toxins and blocked energy, detoxing the mind and rejuvenating our vital energy.

We will work in a gentle and restorative way, calming the central nervous system and giving great importance to the breath, our primary detoxing and energising too. Book to experience detoxing for a radiant look and enjoy a renewed body.




This workshop is available on request.
T: +44 (0) 7979 52 42 52 
E: info@fluidbody.tv

Made of a concentration of nerves, ligaments, muscles, artery and bones, the neck has the important role to support the head and it is considered the intermediary between the body and the mind. Without it we would lose our ability to use our spine correctly and move freely. When we are over-stressed the negative tensions accumulate in the body leading to physical discomfort and aches, particularly in the neck, shoulders and back. This workshop will focus on these troubles that can be also caused by poor posture, proposing some insights into their psycho-/emotional causes.

For example, If we are regularly faced with strong contradictions between our mental life and our emotions, it is very likely to cause neck stiffness. Ask yourself if what you are doing in life is really what you want? Notice if you feel frustrated in your actions or job. Usually our reason triumphs and the frustration takes place in the neck.

We will learn how to relax when you feel tense, and how to treat the painful area with simple exercises and self-massage. By concentrating on the circulation of yin and yang energies in these areas and into the whole body, we will stimulate the energy channels with appropriate gentle stretching and breathing exercises to calm the autonomic nervous system, lower overthinking and ease the pain.

We will turn our attention on understanding your daily body messages, learning to let go, and living your life to its full potential.



Any information or instruction given may not be use as a substitute for doctors or treatment advice. Any instructions or advices given by Fluid Body instructors will be used at your own risk. You agree to discharge and release Fluid Body Limited or Nathalie Dubreu or any other instructors from any and all responsibilities or liabilities from injury arising from your participation in Fluid Body classes.

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