Subtle energy is everywhere and affects us whether we want it or not. Stress from the brain as electrical vibration is discharged into the body by chemical reaction trough the blood stream and manifest as pain or else. The electrical energy produced from the heart travels to all cells of our body and can be detected out of the body, out of the skin as an electro-magnetic field in 360°. Please find below more about energy.


By giving particular on gentle stretching exercises the Fluid Body technique stimulates the meridian system as known in the Traditional Oriental Medicine.
Participants rapidly increase their sensivity to the subtle energy (Life force/ qi/ Prãna) circulating within and outside the self. Which on a scientific note is nothing else than bio-electricity. Bio-electricity is the electrical current within and/or produced by the body which can be measured on the surface of the skin by electrocardiograph ECG, electroencephalograph EEG, or other devices to diagnoses organs conditions.

According to ancient Chinese philosophy everything is formed by Qi (Chi), since 1960, it has been clear that what we call now bio-electricity refers to the same Qi, or energy as formulated by the ancient China. Our body is a field of bio-electric & magnetic energy which respond to the quality of the air we breath, the food we eat and the lifestyle we lead. This energy is also affected by our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions as well as the energy surrounding us, such as in nature and the unnatural energy such as radiations like telephone cells and computers.

This Vibrational energy field or bio-electricity pulsations spread throughout our entire body, through the matrix of the continuous connective tissue, this web of skin network under the skin covering the whole body. A physical injury, stress, chock or worrying thoughts and negative beliefs journey through the interconnect, coordinated systems of our being and create tensions (collagen formation) in the myofascia, muscular and visceral parts of our body, but creates fluidity, flexibility and health when positive. Meaning that any body & mind actions, thoughts and beliefs are immediately perceived in our physiology and create either a positive response keeping our growing cells healthy, or a negative response leading to muscular tensions and dying cells. responsible for the effects of ageing, chronics pains, immune system deficiency and leading over time to degenerative illnesses like cancer. 

Stretching and massage are then an excellent way to heal the energetic and physical body unbalances. This whole body-mind conditioning that is Fluid Body is to broaden the realms of our perceptions, and initiate us into transformation toward a healthier life.

Alternative Healing therapy

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