I am Nathalie Dubreu, registered Senior yoga teacher at Yoga alliance and the founder of Fluid Body, a unique concept of wellness to harmonize the body's flow of energy based on Eastern and Western body-mind traditions.


Since early childhood, I have trained and qualified in various form of physical movement with talented teachers spanning from ballet to contemporary dance, evolving to butoh, daoyin and qi-gong, while progressing to yoga, pilates and martial arts (I am red belt kickboxing and I have trained 4 years with Sensei Dwyer Evelyn, the British team coach of Kickboxing (Wako). My practice is enriched with Martial arts philosophy and has progressed further into the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, medical Qi-gong, Shaolin stretching practice and acupressure to enhance the whole self-healing experience of movements and massage.

I moved to UK in 2000 with my daughter Marion (now 23 years old), and after graduating an MA in performance at Goldsmith, while looking after my second baby (now 10 years old) I created my own visually & poetic improvisation dance. I describe it as drawing into space with my vital essence/energy. I have danced for various dance companies and clubs, as well as teaching fitness and stretching classes in France and London.

I permanently expand and deepen the Fluid body technique and yoga practice (with trainings, personal research studies and qualifications) into new wellness territories. Linking neuroscience and latest scientific understandings about well being, to help my students and clients-friends to re-establish a healthier and holistic body-mind-spirit connection based on solid scientific grounds and ancestral energy work.

Aiming to provide the highest standard of practice, I receive excellent feedback on my classes and treatments and I enjoy most seeing my students and clients leaving my sessions, refreshed, relaxed, with a new sense of well being and peace within.



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This dance montage was a performance work movement research about our inner shadows and how they express themselves within ourselves.

It all started with my love for dance & expression of life!
When dancing, I move very slowly while performing extremely pure and stretched movements. As well as for massage, this technique demands a lot of strength and suppleness to keep the motion fluid, intense and genuine. My level of energy must stay on and my body ready for any new improvisation work or energy healing work. The therapies I have developed are based on a variety of movements and healing methods blend together with the aim to improve your well being and happiness.

Nathalie Dubreu

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