Fluid Body group & private yoga sessions are devised to tone, strengthen and restore body, mind and spirit.

Through fluid vinyasa yoga, yin yoga and meridians stretching your suppleness is enhanced and your energetic flow regulated. Any private session, might be followed by hands on gentle movements and energy work depending on your need.






I am looking forward to organise your office, friends or special group classes. Fees are subject to numbers of attendant, time and location.

Please contact me at nathalie@fluidbody.tv for more information.


Please find below some of the group or private classes I am offering.



A creative pilates class to improve your core strength & flatten your stomach in a safe and challenging way, with stretching for health and lean muscles results.

Emotional Healing





Private Healing Session

A slower pace yoga by candlelight, with deep stretches, set to music to sooth your spirit, relax your body and calm your mind. Deeply relaxing and informative this class will help you to surf safely on the waves of the life force energy.


Yin yoga, vinyasa yoga




Challenged yourself into this wonderful flowing yoga practice, built your stamina and feel amazing.

Every session new energetic and physical focus are explored or customise to your need. Linking our yoga practice with the vibrations of universe, setting the class on astrological reading of the moon and its affect on our life, or the season or your specific request. 




Shiatsu London


Enjoy a yin yoga class that will target your specific needs. Find balance, stilness and harmony energy flow.

Please find more information and videos on www.yinspirationlondon.com

Balance And Mind-Body Healing

BOOKINGS: 079 79 52 42 52 or nathalie@fluidbody.tv

Plenty of individual attention in private therapeutic yin yoga. Booking in advance will be essential.





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Private & Exclusive Central London Locations.


Fluid Body stretching therapy (meridian stretching), Yin yoga, Flowing Pilates, Partner stretch (like Thai massage), Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation.


Price varies depending on your need, and starts from £90 to £250 depending on peak or off-peak time, therapy needed and location.


You can choose to mix stretching with therapeutic work. For example, 30 min yoga followed by 30 min massage. Or stretching, meditation and reiki...


Please contact me to discuss your requirement.

Nathalie: +44 (0) 79 79 52 42 52


Private location on Tower bridge in a 5 stars setting studio SE1


Aman Spa
Connaught Hotel, Carlos Place W1K 2AL,
Mayfair, London

T: +44 (0)7979524252
E: nathalie@fluidoddy.tv
W: www.thewellbeingyogaschool.com




Price on request.

Please contact me to discuss your requirement. Nathalie +44 (0)79 79 52 42 52


You can choose to mix stretching, yoga and therapy. 

For example, 30min yoga followed by 30 min massage.

Or stretching, meditation and reiki...


Let me know about your needs and I will help you define the best for your own well-being.


Stress Release



CORE + STRETCH, strong abs, strong body
POWER STRETCH, stretch and strengthen to a high level
RESTORATIVE BODY, stretch into a deep state of relaxation.
FLOWING YOGA BODY, Energise, stretch and relax.
EMOTIONAL BODY RELEASE, Release spots of tensions.
SHOULDERS AND LEGS TENSION RELEASE, after a hard day of work.
FLEXIBLE SPINE AND LEGS, enhancing suppleness tension free.
DETOXING THE MIND & BODY, let go of mental & physical toxins.

PARTNER STRETCH, be stretched and feel amazing



What To Wear?

Please wear comfortable clothes allowing a wide range of movement. 

For meridian stretching session, the exercises won´t make you sweat, on the contrary, their calming effect on the nervous system may drop your body temperature a little, so please bring along something to keep you warm if it´s necessary.

About Your Physical Awareness


  • Notice your shoulders when you type an email, are they up and tense?
  • Consider your walk when you are trying to catch that train. Are you walking with your legs or with your chest?
  • In which position do you watch television?
  • And when you eat, is your back straight or rounded?

All these habits can result in pains and discomfort. They could be quickly resolved, for example by noticing your posture and strengthening the weaker body-parts and retraining some of them that has been left dormant, all by sessions of creative and enjoyable movements. Why not giving a try and call for a Fluid Body session near you. I am looking forward hearing from you.

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