Christopher Kealy
EMEIA Leader, Ernst & Young
I am an executive with a demanding travel and work schedule and my day is typically quite stressful. I work-out 5 days a week to deal with the stress, and often times find myself short on time so I squeeze my work-outs in while I am on the road. I am not able to relax and de-stress as much as I would like. Thus, to help me relax and get rid of the tension from all of the stress, I see Nathalie for one of her Revitalizing Massages.  Nathalie´s  knows exactly how to quickly find those troubled tense areas that store the stresses from my hectic days. The techniques she employs are very effective and I can actually feel her working the stress right out of my muscles. I feel fantastic after my time with Nathalie and this carries over to several days afterward. I highly recommend Nathalie!
Julia Hardy
Stables owner
I have been taking classes with Nathalie for 6 months. She is the most inspiring and intuitive teacher. She has a wealth of knowledge from many disciplines so her classes are tailor made to suit the individual and are never repetitive. Her enthusiasm and dedication make her a true professional. I cannot speak highly enough of her work.
Samantha V, 37
Project Manager
I had been feeling a bit hesitant to try a Fluid Body session, as it was all very new to me but I will say, yesterday was the first day I have woken up in ages without feeling a wave of anxiety. I can feel it´s still there but definitely not as prevalent.
Kimberley Salmassian, 30
Company director
In my sessions with Nathalie, we focused on my stretching as I had a few back problems I wanted to address. As well as this, I left our sessions feeling very ´zoned out´ and found I had a few nights improved sleep! This was an unexpected bonus as I´m a terrible sleeper and I would say it is down to Nathalie´s calming, caring presence and her awareness of  ´rebalancing energy´ with fluid movement rather than adding unnecessary stress to the body. A necessary indulgence!
Aysegul Surenkok
Good news, my blog is up and running and fluidbody article has been published:
Ben Fergie, 32
TV Producer/ Keen Sportsmen and Fluid Body enthusiast
Having done sport all my life but never warming up and down properly, I was getting injured regularly and my flexibility was that of someone twice my age. I decided to try Fluid Body last summer. And since then my body feels so much better. I do an hour once a week with Nathalie and she gives me an individually planned lesson each week with set goals and aims. Having never done any sort of Yoga or Pilates in the past I am now a complete convert. I highly recommend Fluid Body to anyone who wants to tone up, improve their flexibility or simply enhance general well being.
Patrick Curry, 59
Author and Lecturer
What I really like about Fluid body classes is the way they combine the richness of bodymind traditions with the freshness and spontaneity of improvisation, so it´s always challenging and never boring!
Seeta Rajani, 30
Environmental consultant
Nathalie´s class has really inspired me to increase and expand my natural flexibility. She really worked with me to achieve my potential and I always feel great after her class!
Miriam Oppel
Salsa dancer & choreographer
Thank you Nathalie for an amazing stretching session today. I found your tips on breathing really helpful. You are truly an amazing teacher!
Alexandra Kareh
Nathalie is very professional and kind. On my first visit, we sat and talked about what my needs were and how she could help me. I have chronic back pain and a bad posture. I went in with pain and left after our session walking tall! Sessions with her are just magic and her massages are truly blissful. Time with Nathalie affect more than just your body. She leaves you with no stress but most importantly, a certain harmony between your body and mind that I never experienced before. Your whole environment reveals itself and you suddenly become more aware of your own body and your own movements. You feel like you have attained an overall balance, both metal and physical. These are just a few of the added benefits you get from your sessions with Nathalie, in addition to having a great therapist that listens to you, feels your body and reads its needs. She has revived my tired body many times. She is truly gifted! Thank you!
Judy Herilla Lipinski
Project manager
I´ve been very fortunate to have been in London and to have met Nathalie. The energy work and stretching has had such a wonderful impact on my life. Working with her has been a wonderful experience, and I am so glad I have the video now to take back with me to the USA.
Shihara Jaldin
Project Manager
Drawing from my own personal experience, the most rewarding elements of my time with you has been the very personalised and in-depth understanding you are able to show towards the root causes of my concerns, your ability to engage in conversation and infuse so much positive energy and belief through these small blocks of dialogue which are immensely powerful. Not everyone is gifted with such a touch, one that is tangible and invisible both at the same time and this to me is probably your most powerful offering to those who need it. At least it has been for me. Once again, my deepest gratitude for all you have helped me with, the journey has begun and it is absolutely rewarding and above all, magical. I am discovering myself and learning to treat Shihara with love and compassion feels very good!

Thank you so much Nathalie, you have been a blessing.
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Tom Minney
Journalist, consultant and runner
I have done stretch-pilates classes with Nathalie at the Fitness First Cottons and it´s excellent. She creates inventive and exciting classes that stretch open lines of energy all over the body, added to the core-strenthening pilates. After the classes I walk taller, feel more centred and energetic, sleep better and enjoy more. I also took the chance for her "beginner´s session" and enjoyed her good explanations about principles of pilates (including mind-body connection and breath, centring and control) but also was amazed at her deep knowledge of bodies, martial arts, Chinese energy medicine and much more. She also took time to correct positions and show me detail on basic moves. Stretch pilates is a great antidote to days at the keyboard and I look forward to each class.