TIPS FOR YOUR WELL BEING. Follow this page regularly and refresh your mind with new ideas.

Our nervous system, is an electrical energy system, with positive and negative ions flow, and everyone as different voltages at different time of our life. Scientific testing on the nervous system and power of our thoughts, have demonstrated that people with depression have around 5-9mV circulation in their body, and a healthy average person will have a frequency of 30-100 mV. We can raise the frequency of milivolts in our body to manifest the power of attraction by meditation, and increase the flow of energy within. We then can become like an antenna, and receive information to connect with past/future/attract soul mate. Raising our consciousness vibration to a level where it can broadcast and attract what we want.

As an athlete who want to win the race and only put all of this thoughts to success. Only one doubt will erase the higher frequency of vibration that permit us to access and attract what we want.

So what is your energy signature? Do you raise it with bright, positive and fearless ideas or do you lower it with worry, negative thoughts and fear?

Raising our awareness about our feelings, looking at what we experience from a different angle, by calming our mind with meditation to clear our negative thoughts, and detaching ourselves from the matters, we can increase our body voltage to higher frequencies and attract similar higher frequencies in our life, for example: meeting the right people at the right time, getting opportunities we were dreaming of...

I can help you to raise your mind awareness and meditation to clear away the toxics thoughts.

If you are interested, please send me an email to to organise a skype session.


"Imagine a boat crossing the ocean, a boat of refugees, and the boat is caught in a storm and everyone panics.

You know that if everyone panics they will do the wrong things and the boat will turn over. If there is one person who is calm, who can inspire calm, and with his tranquility say, "Dear friends, stay where you are quietly," that person doesn´t do anything. He just sits very calmly and his calmness inspires confidence and everyone follows, and he can save the whole boatload.

That is not action; that is non-action. That is being. That is the ground of all good actions."

Thich Nhat Hanh


Healing session. A pain in the foot healed by releasing the tension of the neck and massaging the legs. A story!

I have been called for an ´out of the blue´ pain in the foot of one of my wonderful client friend. When we discussed about the various pains she is also experiencing at the moment. I realise her pain may be caused by an imbalance of her gallbladder meridian and probably stomach meridian. I decided to start the acupressure and massage session into her neck, discovering that in fact her neck was painful and tense, going down along the side body to actually finish the massage where the original pain was. It was absolutely wonderful to see her relax, and be pain free in just 1hour session. As the nature of the pain was directly related to some stress and anxiety, I proposed her 3 stretching exercises to help rebalanced these energy channels whenever she needs it. She practiced them this morning and the pain (which was minor, and this time on the side body) disappeared instantly Life matters can be so easy sometimes, if we allow ourselves to trust they can be easy x


Inspired by The Tibetan book of the dead and the wisdom of buddhism and Daosim.

Writing on my free time:

We are passing through the life existence in a form that seems real
No one can accomplish the security of certainty.
When we die everything is out of our control,
Look at your mind, recognise the reality of your own mind.
when it is running wild you can´t recognise your own nature.
You are not alone, do not cling to the past, go forward
Nothing is permanent, life is always shifting forms
Let go of the images of fear that comes from your own mind
Recognise and accept that, they are your own projections
Let go of your egocentric pride, Let go of your mask,
Release your attachments to the material things
Fulfill the ultimate goal, love & compassion
Free yourself, let your radiance shine
Let your compassion be limitless
Don´t hold grudge to anybody, nor to yourself
Do positive deeds, it bring happiness
Grow to become peaceful and happy.

Love on your journey Nathalie Dubreu x



Do you realise that It can take 2 minutes for us to get all upset, BUT it can also take 2 min to calm down!

We all know what stress is about. Usually we feel totally overwhelmed, unable to face a situation and often get a strong (painful) physical reaction with a strong emotion (usually anger, fear, frustration).

The emotions are immediately felt within the body. Try to feel anger without clenching your hands, closing your jaws, or feeling your heartbeat increasing and you will understand that this is impossible. When we understand that the emotions cannot exist without body expressions, it makes sense, that there is a strong relationship between pain and feelings and that it is easier to access them directly where they express themselves within the body without the need to use words.

Relax and lower down the stress hormones, by listening to the body reaction. Practicing slow and gentle movements with conscious breathing will bring our nervous system back into balance and of course eliminate the source of the stress to avoid pains, early aging and illnesses.

To lower down your stress hormone in 2 min. You can try this exercise: First exhale fully, (with a straight back) then inhale for a count of 5 through the nose, exhale for 5 through the mouth...That´s it! Keep it going for 2 then 3 to get to 5 min. IT HAS BEEN PROVED THAT 5 min of this reduce the cortisol(stress) level in your body for approximately 5 hours....3x/day and you live a stress-free life! WORTH TRYING! Have a very good day

(The 5 count can vary depending on your ability to breath consciously, adjust it to your need and keep it consistent in the inhale and exhale. IMPORTANT BREATH NORMALLY: If you push the breath, the excess of oxygen may bring dizziness and headaches.)


Get your summer bikini with zenitude.

We can be beautiful, firm and toned (nearly like any women photoshop retouched on your favorite magazine cover) by increasing body awareness and simple daily feels-good secrets.

There are so many simple things to incorporate in your daily life that would make a change without having to go to the gym on a daily basis. For starter on the morning, open the window and breath fresh air at least 3x, then stretch your arms up toward the sky and with your body placed on the tip of your toes. breathe 3x. This will activate your blood circulation and therefore the removal of energetic stagnation within the body. Bath dry your skin with a loofah before shower, activating your lymphatic system, definitely needed to break down fatty deposits due to staying seated all day.

Then go to work walking, increasing your walking to 20-30 min a day and you will see the difference in the firmness of your skin in 1 week (climb escalators in the tube). In the evening practice very specific stretching that will help with the circulation of fluids and toned your body. Usually stretching the side of the legs, keeping some poses for few minutes engage the transformation. I am always amazed by the effectiveness of these whenever I had few too many calories, I feel them straight into the top of my thighs and without sweating, simply relaxing at home stretching (and with the good type of diet of course) The fat goes away!

I also would recommend to jog 15-20min 1x /week or 2 if you really want to kick some ´masses´ out. I have been there to diet crazy, with far too demanding exercises regime and never getting lasting results. I realised few years ago that practicing regular daily activities like (walking and light stretches) with some exercises as you do and self-massage are enough to have and keep a beautiful body and mind.

Also I would link your request to your mind, is your mind asking you to exercise or your body? How is your body image, how do you see yourself? who you would like to look like? When you are eating something, what do you think? Is it Ok for you to eat what you want or do you feel guilty immediately? Do you starve yourself to get these centimetres of your hips? Thinking, is a big part of who you are, how you look, and why this may work or not...Positive thinking and trusting that things can be easy might be the key to the success of your well being. I wish you a fantastic bikini body which I am sure you already have Contact me at if you need more info. Take care. Nathalie