Fluid BodyTM is a holistic stretching & massage therapy that integrates the best from Asian and Western mind-body traditions. In 1 hour of gentle stretching from this video recording, release your stress, chronic shoulders pain and/or re-balance your emotional state.

Release Your Stress Neck & Back Pain

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Learn how to ease your neck, shoulders & back pain, following these step by step meridians stretches and self-massage. Based on millenary Chinese healing exercises, these therapeutic movements have been adapted to be practiced easily at anytime. You will feel calm, energised, centred and tensions free.


"Very good DVD, which I have used a few times already." Dr NN Ramlakhan


"Just a note to tell you I´ve received the video, its beautiful, and my 6 year old daughter is absolutely enthralled. " David Ogg, Central Sun, Hong Kong.



"Your DVD is FA-BU-LOUS ! It is spoken slowly and softly so I can understand everything ( I am French) !!!! Great Job ! " Marion Gomez


Release stress, neck and back pain workout

Divided by chapters for a practical use, you will find some helpful bonus exercises to complete your program fully. Chapters include: Warm-up and Self-massage, Neck & Shoulder release, Breathing & Relaxation, Upper & Mid-back release, Lower back release, Back relaxation. A beautiful introduction gives some insights about the effect of stress on the body and the link between stress and back pain. After practice, your posture and breathing patterns will change almost instantly helping to lower down your stress level.


in the DVD, I am using some blankets and a bamboo brick, just follow the link here to buy your own


Why this program is different?

It is devised for whose who need to de-stress fast, release chronic pains in minutes and take care of their mind and body without either engaging into suffering gym sessions, or committing themselves to the discipline of yoga.